Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What's New in GetOrgChart 1.2

GetOrgChart 1.2 Release Notes

Improved: more orientation options

  • getOrgChart.RO_TOP_PARENT_LEFT
  • getOrgChart.RO_LEFT_PARENT_TOP
Added: clickEvent event - Called when the user clicks on a person box.

Added: renderBoxContentEvent event - Before the GetOrgChart can be rendered, each box in the control must be bound to a record in the data source. The renderBoxContentEvent event is raised when a data (represented by a GetOrgChart object) is bound to data in the GetOrgChart control. This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as modifying the values of the data bound to the box or modifying the box html, whenever this event occurs.

Added: scale option - The scale factor determines what fraction of the entire scale is visible at one time.

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  1. how can i replace the clickevent to other event like mousemove,dblclick and other??